Friday, January 21, 2011

Crazy Times!

Happy belated New year!

This is Dan and since I NEVER post here I figured I should state that so ya'll dont think you are about to read a Chrystal post. Unfortunatley this one has no pictures or pretty scrapbook pages.

It has been a whirlwind couple of months for us and thought I would just throw in an update and hopefully soon Chrystal will be back at the helm.

Where to start, for Christmas we had my little brother and his family in town for the holidays. It was great having them down and we now know that our home is NOT child proof but we are grateful for pocket doors and the ability section off most of the house. Don't get me wrong we loved having them down and hope they can make it again but when you place a 2 year old in the hands of a couple who only has dogs it's comical at times to say the least. Love you Marsh and Emily.

The same day Marsh and Emily took their family back to Idaho, our roommate completed her internship and left for home as well. I believe it was the 2nd of January. This was the calm before the storm and it was really interesting to actually be able to hear clocks tick again. We had a full week of just us. (yes thats how subdued we are at times)

The "storm" is the amount of Travel we have and will do in just the first month of the new year. I spent a week in Charlotte, North Carolina for work. Chrystal was in Toronto, Canada for work, for 4 days. Once she got home it was time to wash and re-pack since she will be leaving for Scotland for work. Luckily I am able to join her in Scotland for the last week of her trip as a vacation. During Chrystal's first week in Scotland I will also get to spend some time with my Dad before he comes to stay in our home, entertain the pups and take me to the airport.

Considering that is just in January and February we hope the rest of the year can be come as subdued as our home. So far we can see that our schedule lightens up in April. Whoo Hoo!

We hope you all have a Happy New Year and 2011 brings many blessings for you all. Oh and don't worry, knowing me it will be another year before I post again.