Sunday, May 31, 2009

I *heart* Sundays

Can I just say I love Sundays?  This weekend was about as good as they come.

Friday morning I dropped off the dogs at the groomer.  They came home looking (and smelling!) great!  They look soooo good after a haircut!  And (possibly for the first time ever)  I got them to look at me at the same time!

We spent Saturday running errands and enjoying the BEAUTIFUL sunshine!  Dan thinks it was too hot, but I was loving it!  When we got home, we played with the pups and Bentley crashed on the couch.  

Sunday.  After church, I went outside to play with the puppies.  More beautiful sunshine!  Bella especially loves to roll in the cool grass.  I love the tongue!!

After a delicious dinner of turkey burgers, I did some scrapbooking.

I hope your weekend was as perfect as mine!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Walking...with dogs

It was a gorgeous day today.  89 degrees when I got home from work, with low humidity (a blessing after a week of dripping humidity!).  So I decided to take the dogs for a walk.  Walking with both dogs by myself is usually an adventure, but this time I decided to try with their bark collars (shock collars) and harnesses.  All went very well until right at the end of the walk we passed by a couple walking a small dog.  Both Bella and Bentley went CRAZY barking and carrying on and of course getting shocked by the collars which made them bark all the more.  So much for a relaxing walk. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Dark Side of Golden Tee

After work today we went to catch a game of Golden Tee at our favorite spot.  Even while playing very poorly, Pat and I both came away injured.  That's going to leave a mark.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And now, POD

We have been watching a lot of movies lately. 

Last weekend, we went to see the new "Star Trek" in IMAX.  Great movie!  And I'm not even a "trekkie"!

Wednesday, no mail.  Sad day when you don't even get junk mail.

Thursday, new flowers popping up everywhere!  Spring must be here.

Friday.  When Dan gets home, the dogs will not settle down until he sits and pets them.  I think they miss him during the week!

Saturday we went to the Houston Museum of Natural History.  Very fun!  And we saw "Night at the Museum" (on IMAX) at the museum!  

I think this is my new favorite drink:

Monday, Memorial Day, and we went shopping at the Cypress Outlets.  Spent a little more than we wanted to, but got some great deals!

Today, Tuesday.  I started this journal Jan 1, 2008.  I was really good at writing every day ... for a while.  I realized today that I need to get back in the habit - it has been almost a month since I've last written!

This is a busy week for me.  Some re-organization at work, some people in from Corporate.  That means lots of extra work for me.  *sigh*  But at least it's a short week!

First, the Peanut Butter Story

A few weeks ago, I went peanut-butter making at the Church's cannery here in Houston.  I learned that this cannery produces 300,000 jars of peanut butter each year!

After an orientation video, donning appropriate hair net, apron, and gloves, we headed back to do the dirty work.  It was very interesting!

Here are the peanuts ready to get dumped into the machine which shells them.  That is a huge bag of peanuts!

Everyone was given a job to do.  My partner and I volunteered to be "mixers."  This meant that it was our job to mix up the secret formula!  Here is out station.

Do you see that big mixer?  It has a special story.  When the Houston temple discontinued its food service, the mixer was donated to the cannery.  Isn't that cool?

After mixing up a batch, we would have to climb to the top of this little platform and dump it into the machine.  Then we would use a big spoon to stir the peanuts which just came from the roaster!

These guys are making sure there are no burnt peanuts getting thru!

This photo is out of order, but this is where we would stir the peanuts coming from the roaster.

Then the peanuts get combined with the mix and get pumped into jars.  These people are making sure that the jars are full and each gets a lid.  Then the jars go under a microwave to seal them.

Then they go thru the labeler.

And down the conveyer belt to be boxed.

Here is the finished product!  Yum!

And here we are - looking fabulous in our cannery garb.

I have to admit the best part was when they were draining the machine at the end of the night and we got to eat warm peanut butter right out of the machine.  Yum-my!  

The worst part, of course, was cleaning up.  Every single inch of that peanut butter maker had to be cleaned before we could leave.  

But all in all, it was a fun evening!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

I'm not typically a fan of country music, but I do like this:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a story to tell

I've been feeling as though blogging has been a chore recently.  I remember when I would post cute little stories or something funny that happened that day.  Now it seems like posting my photos of the day is about all I can handle. :)  

I do have a story to tell.  It's about peanut butter making last weekend.  And I will be posting that story with more photos soon.  I promise.  

But until then, here are the photos of the day:

Friday.  The lawn guys came.  It had been a long 2 weeks - due to all the rain the grass has been growing like CRAZY!  So Friday when I got home from work, the lawn was mowed and it smelled GREAT.  I LOVE the smell of fresh cut grass.  mmmm!  summertime!

Saturday.  Shoe shopping! Nothing like a new pair of shoes to lift the spirit - especially when they are on sale!

Sunday:  Bentley.  Isn't he cute?  (needs a haircut)

Monday.  Went to Costco for dog food and came out with dog food, dog bones, dog treats, dog chews... .  Bella's new favorite treat is pig ears.  Are they really pig ears?  I don't really want to know.

Tuesday.  These flowers are on a huge bush/vine in our back yard.  I've been wanting to take some photos of them before they go away.  Aren't they gorgeous?!

This week has already been an adventure.  I had a training class Monday and today, and it completely slipped my mind.  So as I was driving to work Monday (running late), I realized I actually had to be 15 miles south at the training center.  Ah well... such is life.

I hope your week is going well!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have no excuse.

This week has been very busy for me since the Large Men from New York were here to check out how we little locals are doing. :)  

Wednesday, last week.  I was working on my challenge for Jen Wilson Designs.  The challenge was to scrap about something that drives you crazy.  So the clutter on the counter definitely fit the bill.

Thursday:  Survivor Night.

Friday, random photo of the day, Dan's Accord, which I had been driving all week because Dan had the Rodeo in Dallas.  

Saturday Dan wasn't feeling well.  He had signed us up to help at the local cannery making peanut butter, so I went by myself.  Here I am in my garb with my (new) friend Cindy.

Sunday, look what we saw on the side of the road!

Monday.  For the life of me, COULD NOT FIND MY KEYS.  Where were they?  Hanging on the hook where they belong.  argh!

Tuesday, Flowserve training. We learned about these, among other things. (It's an impeller).

Wednesday, I didn't take a photo so this is going to have to suffice.  Went to dinner with my boss and his boss at Saltgrass.  Very good steak!

Today, Thursday again, and the puppies' new toy are the toads that seem to have invaded our back yard!  Here is Bella looking for one.  

Sorry this is "just the facts."  I'm hungry. :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A better start

This week is off to a good start. Busy, but good. No rain, at least. :)

So as I sit here and jam to Jason Mraz's version of the classic "One Love", I thought this was appropriate:

Last Thursday I went back to the Ear-Nose-Throat doctor.  Never a fun experience, but I will spare you the details.  Let's just say my throat was so sore. Good excuse for ice cream!

Bentley has been playing Houdini recently.  He has found 2 loose boards in the fence and somehow squeezes between the neighbor's fence and our fence and then can't find his way back in.  I had to nail one back in place last week, and then when Dan got home he fixed the rest.  Here is Bentley looking for an escape route.

And a photo (also from Friday) that I just couldn't resist posting.  Isn't she cute?

Guess what Dan brought me from Dallas?  A new car battery.  That's love, I tell you!

Sunday is possibly the only day when my laundry basket is empty (because Saturday is laundry day).

I have been walking by this little beauty every morning on my way to the car, and finally decided to stop and snap a photo.  A lonely little flower in the midst of greenery.  Love it!

Today is Tuesday and I had the cleaning bug, so that is what I am doing tonight.  I'm sick.  I know this. :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009