Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have no excuse.

This week has been very busy for me since the Large Men from New York were here to check out how we little locals are doing. :)  

Wednesday, last week.  I was working on my challenge for Jen Wilson Designs.  The challenge was to scrap about something that drives you crazy.  So the clutter on the counter definitely fit the bill.

Thursday:  Survivor Night.

Friday, random photo of the day, Dan's Accord, which I had been driving all week because Dan had the Rodeo in Dallas.  

Saturday Dan wasn't feeling well.  He had signed us up to help at the local cannery making peanut butter, so I went by myself.  Here I am in my garb with my (new) friend Cindy.

Sunday, look what we saw on the side of the road!

Monday.  For the life of me, COULD NOT FIND MY KEYS.  Where were they?  Hanging on the hook where they belong.  argh!

Tuesday, Flowserve training. We learned about these, among other things. (It's an impeller).

Wednesday, I didn't take a photo so this is going to have to suffice.  Went to dinner with my boss and his boss at Saltgrass.  Very good steak!

Today, Thursday again, and the puppies' new toy are the toads that seem to have invaded our back yard!  Here is Bella looking for one.  

Sorry this is "just the facts."  I'm hungry. :)


Salina said...

Too bad I just cleaned my biggest clutter spot today...but I'm sure I can look around and find more!

Too funny about the keys! I finally got a carabiner (sp?) and hook it to my purse. Then if they aren't there...who knows!!! (but glad you found them...hate that feeling when you can't find something!)

DAN said...

Ha ha - in looking at teh clutter picture i see several things that are yours, Pink purse, drugs, News Paper -(any reading material for that fact). . . hhmmm Interesting.