Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a story to tell

I've been feeling as though blogging has been a chore recently.  I remember when I would post cute little stories or something funny that happened that day.  Now it seems like posting my photos of the day is about all I can handle. :)  

I do have a story to tell.  It's about peanut butter making last weekend.  And I will be posting that story with more photos soon.  I promise.  

But until then, here are the photos of the day:

Friday.  The lawn guys came.  It had been a long 2 weeks - due to all the rain the grass has been growing like CRAZY!  So Friday when I got home from work, the lawn was mowed and it smelled GREAT.  I LOVE the smell of fresh cut grass.  mmmm!  summertime!

Saturday.  Shoe shopping! Nothing like a new pair of shoes to lift the spirit - especially when they are on sale!

Sunday:  Bentley.  Isn't he cute?  (needs a haircut)

Monday.  Went to Costco for dog food and came out with dog food, dog bones, dog treats, dog chews... .  Bella's new favorite treat is pig ears.  Are they really pig ears?  I don't really want to know.

Tuesday.  These flowers are on a huge bush/vine in our back yard.  I've been wanting to take some photos of them before they go away.  Aren't they gorgeous?!

This week has already been an adventure.  I had a training class Monday and today, and it completely slipped my mind.  So as I was driving to work Monday (running late), I realized I actually had to be 15 miles south at the training center.  Ah well... such is life.

I hope your week is going well!


Salina said...

I hear ya about the blogging chore! But at least you are still going strong on the PAD project! I knew I would fail miserably, so I didn't even attempt it! Maybe another year!

Anonymous said...

Don't stress about blogging, do it when you can. I just love to see what you and Dan are up to, we miss you and hope you make a special trip to Utah soon to visit us. Casey got his job back, so maybe we will be able to afford to visit you sometime.