Monday, June 29, 2009

Love this song.

Found a link to this song and it's my new favorite.

Friday, June 26, 2009


So Michael Jackson died yesterday.  

And today, I open my inbox and what do I see?

And it's totally legit.  An email from Michael Jackson.  Just not the one you were thinking of.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

through the looking glass

Bentley loves to look out the window.  This afternoon, he went CRAZY barking and whining.  When I went to see what he was looking at, I saw this:

I quickly snapped a photo of our little friend.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the little things

I've had a busy, although mundane, day today.

Woke up to puppies scratching to be let outside.

Showered and dressed for work.

Went to work.  Got a lot done, including a delicious lunch (curry tuna salad) at Shade.  Chatted in the afternoon with Jessica and Emily.  Real work sprinkled in, too, in case you were wondering.

Drove home.  Lots of traffic.  Air conditioner working overtime.

Let puppies out/calmed them down/played in backyard.

Was going to vacuum.  Remembered that we are out of vacuum cleaner bags.  Ordered them online.  

Despite the sweltering heat, took the dogs for a walk.

Got home, turned on sprinklers.  Watched as Bentley played in the water.

Realized that it is that time again when you can't get cold water out of the tap.  Only in Texas.

And emptied the dish washer.  So that Dan can't claim I save that task for him. :)

And now I think I'll go eat some dinner.

What did you do today?

Monday, June 22, 2009

welcome back, old friend

Most of the time I use Facebook to waste time, but today it was actually useful.  I re-connected with an old friend.  We only chatted for half an hour or so, but it was so good to catch up.  We haven't seen each other in  10 years.  But turns out we had a big impact on each other.  Gave me a warm fuzzy feeling.  I love that!

And now, photos of the day.  Dan was here for a long weekend so I didn't do much posting.  We like to spend all that time together. Even if it is just in front of the TV watching movies. :)

Friday.  Bentley has taken to falling asleep while "on watch."  Poor puppy.

Saturday.  Brownies and ice cream.  'nuff said. 

Sunday... blueberry muffins.  Yum!  

And today.  I found this hilarious.  They are both on the couch, butt-to-butt.


I have to admit, this is pretty cool.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

it's all relative

I walked out of work today and thought, "at least it's getting cooler!"  The last few days have been over 100 degrees and I thought it was pleasant outside this afternoon.  

Little did I know.

This is what the thermometer read when I got home:

I guess I'm "acclimating" ??

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Everything is Bigger in Texas!

Even the bugs.

This really isn't a bug.  It's only the shell of one.  

But I still think it's pretty disgusting.

Monday, June 15, 2009


You know your life is dull when the highlight of the day was that your Pandas successfully mated on Facebook's MyZoo.


Do you remember this post?

Well, Bentley is at it again.  This time, with the sprinkler.

First this:

And then this:

He is so fun to watch!

(And yes, these photos were taken Sunday, but I am using them for Monday's photo of the day anyway.  Just because I can.)  



Friday I had (another) CT Scan on my sinuses and nose and throat.  We'll find out the results on Thursday.

Saturday, we spent the morning at the temple.    It was so peaceful.  Just what we both needed.

One of the many things I find funny about Houston are these little water windmills.  They are all over the place, mostly in parking lots.  Apparently, you can go and get filtered water there.  

I'm going to post today's photos in a separate post.  Happy day!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

it's warm outside

Warm is probably an understatement.  When I got home it was 98.7 degrees outside.  After our walk (6:30), it was still 98.6 degrees.  I found that funny.  The outside temp is the same as my internal body temp.  For this brief moment in time I could be cold blooded.  :)

But I digress...

So Bentley as always loves to be outside.  The heat doesn't seem to bother him much.  One of the trees out in the yard sheds these little sticky things, which cling to his skirt something fierce.  Every time he comes in I have to de-sticker him.  Even then, I keep finding them everywhere.  Or stepping on them, which is worse because I always think it is a bug or something. Ah well, the joys of Texas spring.

Do you want to improve your photos?

I am so excited about this FREE class taught by Jessica Sprague!

Head on over and check it out. Registration begins June 22!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

catching up

We've been busy with getting things back in order after the break-in.  Here are my photos of the day for the past few days.  I've been taking photos around our neighborhood while taking the dogs for their walk.

Yesterday, I went to PF Changs for a business dinner.  Yum!  My new favorite things are their mini-desserts.  The perfect size dessert after a big dinner (the are brought to you in a shot glass size dish).  I had s'mores and red velvet cake. Delish!

Here is Bella on our walk tonight.  She is always so excited to go for a walk, and then she finds out how hot it is and doesn't want to walk anymore. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Wild Weekend...started Friday

Well, our boring lives took a turn for the more-interesting on Friday when we got a call from the Houston Police Department.  Our house had been broken into!  I hurried home to find 3 police cars in front of the house.  Lucky for us, our neighbor saw them running down the driveway and called the police.  Within 5 minutes, the police showed up and chased down the robbers.  They were able to recover almost all of our property.  Still, it's a little unnerving.  I was glad that Dan would be home that night!

They came in the back door thru the sun porch (by removing a window!), and then kicking in the back door.  The frame and lock had to be replaced.

I was very impressed at how quickly the police department showed up and the great work they did to capture them!  Thanks, HPD!

On Saturday, we took a short day-trip to Galveston.  I had read that they were having the annual sand castle competition.   One thing we didn't count on:  traffic.  Wowza.  There were so many people!!  But we had a good time and saw some pretty neat sand castles.  Here is one of my favorites.  

Get it?  Pres-dispenser??  I thought it was clever.

And here is my first dip in the Gulf of Mexico.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have been super tired all day today.  I really didn't even want to post my photo of the day, but I know Dan likes it. :)  Hi Honey!

So during the week I don't do very much after work.  This is generally my tool of choice:

I watch a lot of stupid TV.  For instance, right now I am watching "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here."  I  highly discourage you from watching it.  Really, the bottom of the barrel.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday and Dan will be home to rescue me from the mundane!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This has been a strange week.  I'm not sure why.

Anyway, this afternoon started with these:

Which turned into these:

And finally, this:

Allergy testing.

and the worst part?

after all that...

I'm not allergic to anything.

Go figure.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back to Work... a day late

Why is it that a standard trip to the doctor's office usually takes three times as long as originally planned?

After what turned into a marathon doctor's appointment yesterday, I decided not to go into the office after all, and spend the day with my husband.  Always a better option, in my opinion!

We really didn't do anything interesting, but it was fun to be home together impromptu!

Monday is also my shopping day, and boy did I get some great deals.  My favorite was at Walgreens, where I got all this stuff....

...for the low price of 57 cents.  That's right.  57 cents.  And $8 worth of Rapid Rewards to use on my next visit.  So technically, they paid me to shop.  Can't beat that!

Right now I am munching on these beauties.

Raspberries just might be my very favorite food.  

Happy June!