Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back to Work... a day late

Why is it that a standard trip to the doctor's office usually takes three times as long as originally planned?

After what turned into a marathon doctor's appointment yesterday, I decided not to go into the office after all, and spend the day with my husband.  Always a better option, in my opinion!

We really didn't do anything interesting, but it was fun to be home together impromptu!

Monday is also my shopping day, and boy did I get some great deals.  My favorite was at Walgreens, where I got all this stuff....

...for the low price of 57 cents.  That's right.  57 cents.  And $8 worth of Rapid Rewards to use on my next visit.  So technically, they paid me to shop.  Can't beat that!

Right now I am munching on these beauties.

Raspberries just might be my very favorite food.  

Happy June!


Amyanne said...

Are you using Walgreens new coupon system? Ours just got rid of the old rebate system and I'm missing it, but haven't really looked into the newer one. Based on your awesome shopping deals, I may just have to!
Those are BEAUTIFUL raspberries-yum!

Salina said...

Man, I've GOT to start doing the coupon thing! I just spent 200.00 at the store!!! Of course the things that I buy rarely have coupons, so I can't be too upset!

Gifford Family said...

Oh how I wish raspberries weren't $4 (for just about as many as you have pictured) in Utah! :(

Chrystal said...

Can you believe that raspberries were on sale for 79 cents a pint?? I just couldn't pass them up!

Amyanne, I am learning the new WG coupon system. So far I like it much better than waiting for rebates!