Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Wild Weekend...started Friday

Well, our boring lives took a turn for the more-interesting on Friday when we got a call from the Houston Police Department.  Our house had been broken into!  I hurried home to find 3 police cars in front of the house.  Lucky for us, our neighbor saw them running down the driveway and called the police.  Within 5 minutes, the police showed up and chased down the robbers.  They were able to recover almost all of our property.  Still, it's a little unnerving.  I was glad that Dan would be home that night!

They came in the back door thru the sun porch (by removing a window!), and then kicking in the back door.  The frame and lock had to be replaced.

I was very impressed at how quickly the police department showed up and the great work they did to capture them!  Thanks, HPD!

On Saturday, we took a short day-trip to Galveston.  I had read that they were having the annual sand castle competition.   One thing we didn't count on:  traffic.  Wowza.  There were so many people!!  But we had a good time and saw some pretty neat sand castles.  Here is one of my favorites.  

Get it?  Pres-dispenser??  I thought it was clever.

And here is my first dip in the Gulf of Mexico.


Salina said...

How scary! So glad you weren't home, and they were able to recover your stuff back! And you are right, the sand castle was pretty clever! Man, I wish we lived by a real beach!

Gillespie said...

And how was the gulf? We've been thinking of making a trip down there some time.

lyn said...

i'm so sorry to hear of your break in! that is just nuts, but how appropriate is the framed pic right by the door! WOW! YOU were the one calmed this time, for sure!

love the beach pics. i wish we lived there....i miss the beach!

The Jensen's said...

That is so scarry, glad you weren't home, and glad he got caught.

Looks like you had fun on your little trip - You Look Good!!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry! nothing scares you more than having someone in your home. I am glad that you have such great neighbors and police watching out for you.