Thursday, May 28, 2009

Walking...with dogs

It was a gorgeous day today.  89 degrees when I got home from work, with low humidity (a blessing after a week of dripping humidity!).  So I decided to take the dogs for a walk.  Walking with both dogs by myself is usually an adventure, but this time I decided to try with their bark collars (shock collars) and harnesses.  All went very well until right at the end of the walk we passed by a couple walking a small dog.  Both Bella and Bentley went CRAZY barking and carrying on and of course getting shocked by the collars which made them bark all the more.  So much for a relaxing walk. 


Gifford Family said...

We too have been having some beautiful weather! I am glad that school is over so that I can finally get out with the kids and enjoy it. :)

prism said...

I wonder what it is about mini-schauzers... there are a few in my extended family, and they love to bark, too. But, they're good dogs.