Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Trip to Vegas

We've had a very busy few weeks. In the last month, Chrystal has had to go to Houston twice and Portland once for work. Plus, we have taken a mini vacation to Las Vegas (more below) and a longer vacation to Wisconsin to visit family (more on that in a later blog).

A few weeks ago, we went to Idaho for Marsh's birthday, while there, we took a family picture of all the kids & spouses. It was a suprise for Deb for Mother's Day. Pictured below are (back, L to R) Dan, David, and Marsh, (front, L to R) Chrystal, Jessica, Heather, and Emily.

Dan was in a major car accident on March 3rd. He was driving home from school at 10:30 PM. A young man ran a stop sign and tried to cross 2 lanes of traffic, which didn't go so well. Dan didn't even see him, and hit him going 50 mph. Both drivers were okay, with just a lot of bumps and bruises, but the cars were totaled. Luckily, this was just our daily commuter car, and old Honda Accord. Three weeks later, Dan is finally starting to feel better.

The day after the accident, we drove to Las Vegas for an NSX Club meet. (I know, I couldn't talk him out of it!) It was a lot of fun, with more than 20 cars & owners.

We ran into some snow near Mt. Charles on the first day, but that didn't stop us - or the Vegas drivers, most of whom have removed their windshield wipers!

Other than that small incident, though, we had great weather!

Danny organized the meeting. His car just won Sport Compact Car of the Year!
There was a lot of standing around and waiting. Sandra and I climbed up on a light post for a better vantage point while the boys formed the "perfect" picture.

Here is one of Dan in his car.

My favorite part was driving the famous Las Vegas Strip! All in all, we had a very nice, relaxing weekend!

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Jay said...

Looks like you guys had a fun time in Vegas. Sweet cars! Also that is a nice pic of you and the fam! Talk to you guys soon!