Wednesday, April 30, 2008


It really has been a while since I've posted anything, and that's purely due to the fact that we haven't been DOING much lately.  Just day-to-day stuff!  

I'm happy to report that I am more than 50% of the way through the Old Testament!  Reading the entire Bible is part of my new year's resolutions.  I was really enjoying it until I got to 1 Chronicles and all that "begat"-ing.  You know, so-and-so begat so-and-so, etc. etc.  But now I'm through to Ezra and can't wait to keep going.  It's really been a lot more enjoyable than I had expected the OT to be!

Last night we took the dogs to the Plano Dog Park for the first time.  We were a little nervous because they tend to bark (A LOT) at other dogs, people, or whatever they see when they are out and about.  But they did great!  After the initial barking spree, they really had a good time.  Bentley especially because as soon as he was let off his leash, he started running (there is about a 1/2 acre fenced in area for the dogs to play), and he was paling around with all the other dogs.  It took Bella a little longer to leave our side, but she finally did venture out by herself.  We stayed about 45 minutes, and by then they were sooooo tired!  It was funny - for the rest of the night they just laid on the couch.  This is in no way typical. I think we're going to make the trip to the dog park more often! :)

We just got the results of Dan's physical and in the words of the doctor, he is "perfect. "  I'm never going to hear the end of it.  :)

Anyone out there moving to Salt Lake?  We {still} have a great house for sale there!! 

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Jen said...

Glad to see you guys are doing well! That is too cute about the dogs! Now you know how to tire them out. :)