Tuesday, October 7, 2008

no longer MIA

It's been a while.

I'm not sure why, but time seems go be spinning faster and faster out of control. Maybe I should look up Stephen Hawking and find out why.

I've been home for the past 3 weeks, an unknown blessing of Hurricane Ike. But this past weekend Dan and I drove to Houston to check out the wreckage (not as bad as I had thought), and Monday morning he flew back home, and I stayed for the week.

Whenever I am traveling I tend to watch more news channels than usual. I love watching them talk politics. Even though I've pretty made up my mind about who I am going to vote for, I find it entertaining to watch the politics. But if you haven't made up your mind yet, here's a little help:

Click here.


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Gifford Family said...

Welcome back to the blogger world! Hope you are finding some time to rest and relax with that busy work life you lead!