Sunday, May 23, 2010

creepy crawlies for 200, Alex.

I wonder sometimes if blogging is becoming extinct. Most of the blogs I frequent have had less and less postings lately. I wonder if Facebook and Twitter have started to eat away at the blog scene. I hope not.


It turns out that we have quite a few reptilian friends living among us. I usually see them sunning themselves in the back yard or on the front porch. But lately they have ventured...closer.

A couple of weeks ago, we were sitting down to eat a quiet dinner when something ran across my foot and scurried across the kitchen floor. The dogs pounced after it and I only caught a small glimpse of something that looked like this:

I, of course, did not get nearly close enough to take this photo. In fact, I screamed and jumped out of my chair and ran into the family room. The little guy scampered under the stove, away from the curious puppies. After some coaxing, Dan convinced me to sit back at the table so we could eat.

I am not a fan of lizards or geckos or whatever you might want to call them. Even sitting here now looking at his little face makes me want to check under my chair.

After dinner, Dan managed to chase him from under the stove to under the refrigerator. And then - finally! - through the laundry room, into the dog room, and out the back door.

Now, I know that these animals eat bugs and spiders and whatever, but I wish they would stay outside.

Fast forward to yesterday. We were coming home mid-afternoon and Dan was backing the NSX into the garage. I was outside helping to guide him. Anyway, out of the corner of my eye I saw movement on the garage wall. You guessed it - another one! Only this guy looked more like this:

Dan tried to coax him out of the garage, but he ended up under the car. I quickly went inside, but I'm sure he is going to make his way in the house. I hope he just stays in the garage and eats the bugs out there... or leaves altogether.

Yes, I think that would be best. For everyone involved.


vaxhacker said...

I don't think Blogging is dead, but I've noticed FaceBook is taking its toll. Easier to update in sound bites than meaningful essays, I guess.

Or maybe FaceBook has thrown so much malware on everyone's computers that they broke.

Anonymous said...

I must say I agree with you...people are more into facebook and all that now... I just barely caught on to Blogging. JK Oh well i don't have time to play on facebook so I must update by blogging. So I am still watching cuz.

*. Th3 BoW3n FamiLy.* said...

Ahhh really!!! ha ha I would have kinda freaked myself... I hate when little uninvited guest arrive and scare you! aghh. Im sorry. At least they were not like hairy and 8 legs...