Monday, December 31, 2007

New Slippers

When we got home from Idaho, I had a package waiting for me from my best friend, Becky. She sent me these adorable monkey slippers. Aren't they just so cute?!

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Alee and Brandon said...

Cute slippers! I take it you're a monkey person?!

I'm glad you commented on my blog! I couldn't remember what yours was and was thinking about it the other day.

Your newer scrap pages are awesome! I love the 2 pager and the Christmas lights! So cute and they look really nice!! You've definately got me beat...I almost want to take a class but Christmas left me drained...

I try not to focus too much on scrapping on my blog because I know it's boring to some of the people who read it...but it's so hard when I think things are so cute I have to share anyway! That's why I don't leave credits if you were wondering. No one on my blog digiscraps (but you!) and I post them just to show what I've done.

Anyway, I commented back to you on my blog...but wanted to stop in and say HI!!!