Monday, January 7, 2008

January 7th already??

I cannot believe it is already the 2nd week of January. I've been having so much fun reading about all your holiday adventures and new year's resolutions, I completely forgot to post my own!

I have been working on a couple of 2008 calendars (in Photoshop, of course!) for my sisters-in-law, who saw one that I made for my mother-in-law for Christmas. They both immediately requested one of their own. I FINALLY finished YESTERDAY. So I'm glad about that!

Here are a couple of my NYR's:

#1: Spend more quality time with my husband. Not that we don't spend a lot of time together already, but since I travel so much for my job, I feel like we are watching a lot of TV and movies, and not really much else. So we'll try and change that. :)

#2: Keep a journal. OK, so I've probably started a journal 10 times over the course of my life, and I have never kept one longer than 6 months. Most, actually, fizzled after just a few weeks...even days. This time, I am determined. Plus, I have inspiration: Dan's missionary journals! We dug these out when we were in Salt Lake for Christmas, and I started to read them on our drive back home. I figure, if he could do it, I can do it! Even if my life is boring, my goal is to write *something* every day. So far, I'm at 100%. :)

#3: Read the Bible. I got a link to Read the Scriptures in my email a while ago, and finally decided to put it to the test. You can make a goal of which book of scripture you want to read, and the date you want to finish it, and then they email you your assignment every day. Sounds like a plan, right? My first goal: the OLD TESTAMENT -- to be completed by July 1st. That is 172 verses per day, in case you're wondering. Once again, I am at 100% on this goal, so far. Wish me luck!!

Well, that's about all for now. More fun stuff to come, though, so keep checking back!! Happy 2008!


Alee and Brandon said...

Those sound like great goals!!

Hey, do you have an album somewhere? I'd love to see your lo's and also your calendars!!

Chrystal said...

Alee, Well, I didn't save the calendar pages. I just printed them as I finished them. I'll take some pictures and post them, how's that? I should figure out a way to post my LOs like you have them on your blog. :) Thanks for the comment!

Kari said...

Happy New Year!! You have some wonderful goals for the new year - all of which it looks like we share (although I don't think I'll tackle the OT ... something easier)!! BTW - you are already doing a GREAT job on keeping a journal ... your blog looks fantastic! Love the new look :) I am in the process of copying and pasting all of mine into word so I can put them in a binder for a "hard copy." Good luck to you on your goals!