Wednesday, February 25, 2009

POTD... and a bug story

I'm getting worse about posting my photos, but at least I am still taking them each day!!

Quick story before the photos.  There is a little porch off the back of the house that I have to walk thru, and open the far door to let the dogs out.  When I got home tonight it was dark and I grabbed the handle and to my surprise some kind of (large) flying insect was on the handle!  I didn't scream (yeah me!).  It flew to the floor and the dogs immediately went to find it.  Turns out it was a rather large green grasshopper (well, it looked like a grasshopper anyway.  Here in Texas who knows what kind of large strange bugs they have!).  Anyway, the dogs loved it.  They pawed at it and played with it and finally Bella picked it up in her mouth and took it outside.  What a good dog!  I'm sure they frightened the poor bug to death.  Either that or their little
 dog teeth did the trick.  Either way, it is out of my house so I am happy.

(For the record, I did grab my camera to try and get a photo of the chaos, but they dogs were moving so fast and by the time I could get a shot, they were outside.  Plus, I wasn't about to get too close to said bug!)

Saturday, 2/21:  We made calzones.  From scratch.  (Yes, even the dough.  Aren't you impressed?)

Sunday, 2/22:  Dan and I both like gnomes.  We have them in several rooms of the house to watch over us.  These little guys are in the kitchen.

Monday, 2/23:  My new favorite candle scent.  Pear by Gold Canyon Candles.  Yum!

Tuesday, 2/24:  I call this "the puppy and the pea".  You know, like Princess and the Pea...

Wednesday, 2/25:  I snapped this shot on my way to the car this morning.  I sure wish it were in focus... but a beautiful pink flower, right in our own front yard!  In February!


Emily R. said...

What a lovely flower!!! In February!! What a treat!

Gifford Family said...

You are getting very talented at photography. I am quite impressed with your photos. By the way, you were one of my three :) (not that you should be too excited because I am not crafty either, but you can expect something!)