Saturday, February 7, 2009

what. a. week.

I've been lazy with Photo-of-the-Day.  Yes, I have been taking a photo every day, but I haven't taken the time to actually post the results.  So here's to catching up.  And I"ll try to do better next week.

Tuesday, 2/3: Bella, looking cute (as always)

Wednesday, 2/4:  chocolate milk.  My sweet little indulgence at the end of the day.  Mmm!

Thursday, 2/5:  Filing.  We are just finishing the setup of the "office" space  in the new place.  Filing is one of my least favorite activities to do, however I find it to be rewarding after it's finished!  Now, time to tackle taxes...

And finally, Friday, 2/6:  my car.  I figured it's good to keep a record of what I drive each day, right?  She's a good car!

And more to come, I promise.


Gifford Family said...

Your dogs are so stinkin' cute!

Youngsters said...

I forgot how nice cars can look before you have children. Our cars are lucky if they get a bath once in a year. Casey is doing better with our cars though. I need to keep mine nicer too.