Tuesday, March 9, 2010

photo shoot

My good friend Rachel asked that I take some new photos for her facebook profile. Seeing as I need all the practice I can get, we headed out late Saturday afternoon for a photo shoot.

I learned lots of good things, including:

1. take lots of frames. more than you think you "need". I wish I would have taken at least double the amount of shots.

2. find the light. use the light to your advantage.

3. I need a lot more practice. :)

Please leave your constructive criticism in the comments.

And now, without further adieu... Rachel. (These are in order from least favorite to most favorite - click for larger view).

I like this one because it feels very vintage-y to me.

I'm not crazy about the angle on this one, but give me some credit for trying to be creative. I especially need to work on poses and angles. Hmm.

Isn't she just beautiful? I love this casual shot!!

This is by far my favorite. I love the bright color and her eyes are so bright. Love it.

Thanks for letting me practice, Rachel!


Gifford Family said...

You did a great job. Very talented. I think the last 2 are my favorites also!

prism said...

The black & white one is my favorite. Nice photos... the angle on that one might be a little too much -- could you Photoshop it to a less severe angle? I do like the trees in that one (although just watch and make sure it doesn't look like she has things growing out of her head). Nice job!

What kind of camera are you using? I need to get myself a new one.

Salina said...

Nice job! I can see that you were battling some lighting issues, but in your favorite shots, the light looks awesome! My fav is the b/w one. Great composition, and nice and tight! Not too much white space for a portrait, since this was what you were going for! Play around with different poses, and see what you like. And ALWAYS take more pics than you think you'll need. (I usually average about 300 when I take MY KIDS out...and WAY more on a family shoot!) Awesome job! Can't wait to see your next shoot!

Chrystal said...

thank you so much for your CC! Amy, I use a Nikon D50.

EBPitcher said...

I like the last two composition-wise. My only concern is that it looks like you over-did the post-processing. In 3 of the 4 (#2 is the exception), there seems to be too little definition in her facial features. Did you "smooth" her out? If her skin is just that flawless, she's lucky girl! Otherwise - good job!
Take it for what it's worth!

Anonymous said...

You have talent! Love these pictures! I really love her eyes in the last picture - they just jump out at me and draw me into the picture.

aka Stirlingdesigns