Thursday, March 4, 2010

Well another month gone and Dan's at the Helm . . heaven help us!

February came and went in a hurry. Since Chrystal is busy with her personal progress I thought I would help her keep this old bird up to date.

Lets see, what did we do in February? Basically it seems like February was dedicated to Church. We had several YM / YW activities and went to the temple 3 times.

During the middle of the month I was able to make it to good old Portland for work. While it was nice to be back it was disappointing that my schedule didn't allow many visits with old friends that live in the area. (sorry McCunes, next time for sure if you will allow it)

Since Valentines weekend was very busy for us we decided to celebrate when I returned. We had the best dinner of the year at Perry's Steakhouse not far from our home here in Houston. I must say that they had the best service I have ever experienced in a restaurant. At one point, the waitress spilled a few drops of water on the table cloth and immediately she stopped, apologized and seriously asked us if we wanted her to change the linens. My first response was "seriously?" . . she never changed the linens but WOW, we thought it was crazy but a good dinner.

Next on our calendar was my lovely throat procedure (esophagogastroduedenoscopy). I finally gave in and decided to have it done. Chrystal took me in and within and hour and a half I was in a drug-induced la la land. I LOVE anesthesia!

Luckily everything went well, and the biopsy of the tissue they took out was fine. No cancer yet - more Dr. Pepper is in my future though.

Oh I wanted to give a picture since thats what we are supposed to do for increased viewing so I thought I would let you all see my duodenum. It's very personal so please don't spread it around the internet.



Amyanne said...

Excellent post, Dan--I'm most impressed! I was seriously LOL! Your Duodendum is beautiful, by the way. And, you came to Portland? WHAT?! IF we can forgive you for not calling us, I guess we'll have to get together the next time you come:). Thanks for the update!

lyn said...

with a "duodendum" like that it is no wonder chrystal married you. ;)

personally, i think the best part is that it appears to be posted on your fridge!