Monday, July 27, 2009

Vacation. Part 1.

I took 516 photos while on vacation, and the task of sorting and editing has me feeling a little overwhelmed. Especially since I'm a beginner photo editor.  So I thought I would break it up and post a little each day.

We left on Sunday and after the not-as-short-as-I-had-hoped (3 hours) drive, we arrived in San Antonio.  I was excited to stay on the Riverwalk.  Now, I had heard a LOT about the famous Riverwalk.  And to be honest, I had this grand picture of what I thought the Riverwalk should look like.  In my head, it was a great rushing river, with steamboats.  Somewhere between theWillamette and the Mississippi.  I was sadly mistaken.  

As we drove downtown, I asked Dan, "where is the river?"  And he replied, pointing, "right there."  Surely he was joking.  He tries to trick me all the time.  But not this time.  Indeed, the Riverwalk is a tiny little canal. Hm.  Foiled again.

Here is the view of the "riverwalk" from our hotel window.

Once I got over the shock, I decided the Riverwalk wasn't too bad.  Lots of restaurants and shopping.  We decided to take a walk along the river.  It was hot.  6 pm and over 100 degrees.  Yuck!

But we eventually made it here.

That's right, the Alamo. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't know a lot about the Alamo.  Truth be told, I still don't know a lot about the Alamo.  But I think I'll find a book and learn.  One of these days...

I thought this was a cool photo, with my shadow and everything.  

So we walked along the Riverwalk and found a nice air conditioned mall, where we got a much needed bottle of water.  On the way back we found a cute little "all Texas" burger place.  Good food.  We were too stuffed for the ice cream we had promised ourselves earlier.

Stay tuned.

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