Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pleasure. and Pain.

We were on vacation last week, and coming back to the real world has been rough. We had a fantastic time, took lots of photos, and enjoyed some time with the in-laws as well. More on all that later.

So in a round about way, we acquired this little gem last week (thanks Jessica & David!):

It's actually a lot more fun than I had anticipated. While it's not as physically demanding as I had hoped, it at least gets me up off the couch for a few minutes each evening.
Last night I progressed from "medium" to "hard" level, and was doing quite well until right after the "jumping lunges" (really? like lunges aren't hard enough?) and suddenly I was in PAIN. Major cramp in the muscle ... how do I put this delicately?... the muscle that connects the back of your thigh to your butt. I don't think I've ever had a cramp that bad. I could not sit; I could not walk; It hurt to stand. All I could do is lean over and deal with the pain. After about 15 minutes it started to subside. I declined to finish the workout.
So we'll see what tonight brings.


Salina said...

Oh, now you've got me scared! I haven't tried mine yet! Guess I'll start slow!!

Chrystal said...

I probably didn't warm up enough. Or maybe I am getting old?? nah, that couldn't be it.

lyn said...

good thing it wasn't "as physically demanding" as you'd hoped. imagine the pain you'd be in if it was! LOL