Friday, August 1, 2008

I'm a bad wife

OK, so this has been a busy week, but that is no excuse for not posting anything to commemorate a BIG EVENT in our lives.... Wednesday was DAN'S BIRTHDAY!  We celebrated by going out to dinner at III Forks, Dan's favorite place to eat.  We don't eat there very often (a little $$$), but when we do, it is sooooo goooood. :)  

And what would a birthday be without a few photographs?  hehe..

Here's the little guy at about 2 years old. Isn't he adorable??

And here is he at 19 years old.  What a looker!

And here he is just a couple weeks ago.  

Happy Birthday, Dan!!  I love you!!


DAN said...

Thank you sweetheart for dinner and nice pictures! -----revenge will be MINE!

Amyanne said...

Happy Birthday, Dan! I'm glad you had a great day.

lyn said...

oh my, i thought you said "what a hooker!" lol sorry dan!

DAN said...

:) - no problem Lyn. How did you find out about my good ole days! - (kidding - people, I was never a man whore)