Monday, August 4, 2008

New Pages

My husband was kind enough to upgrade me to the full version of Photoshop last week!  There are many differences between Elements and CS3, but I am (slowly) learning, thanks to this forum over at Jessica Sprague.  

So without further adieu, here are my first 2 attempts at scrapbook pages in CS3.  The LO is from Jessica Sprague's Digi: In Deep class.  The second is a template by Simply Sarah.  (And yes, Honey, I am leaving now :) ).


prism said...

Cool! I think you'll love it. I tried to go backward (from Photoshop to Elements) so I could see how the program works, but I felt crippled, which was really frustrating. I think you'll love how much more you can do with the full version.

Have FUN!

Anonymous said...

Hey you- Cute blog. What a fun trip. I want to take the kids to disneyland someday. Hopefully gas prices will go down someday.

Lisbet said...

I was surfing around looking for some inspiration and then I came across your side. I have stoped a long moment to look at everything. It´s great.


Kari said...

*LOVE* your pages!! I'm green with envy over here ... a Mac and now CS3!! Hopefully I can upgrade sometime in the not to far off future. Looks like you've been up to lots of fun! Your blog look is fabulous - *LOVE* your header and wrapper! I'm sure it's been like that for ages now but I've all but taken the summer off from blogging so now I'm trying to catch up ... not an easy task! Yours is one I will always come back to :)

Alee and Brandon said...

These turned out soooo cute! I love LO's with bright colors!!