Monday, August 25, 2008

A Post With No Pictures

Posts with no pictures are never fun.  But, sometimes they are necessary.  

The past couple weeks have been busy, busy, busy.  Two weeks ago, I was home.  And since I am gone so much, when I am home I have to cram everything that usually can get done at a leisurely pace throughout the week, into a few days.  Like Laundry.  And appointments and shopping and dog stuff.  Yes.  It doesn't seem like one does much during the week until you loose a week.  

Last week, I was in Houston (again).  It was actually a very exciting and productive week, which unfortunately I cannot claim all the time.  :)  Thursday night I had dinner with Phil & Bri, who I went to college with.  It was SO NICE to see them!!  You know how sometimes it can be awkward when you haven't seen someone for ... oh, several years?  Not this case this time!  We had a great time catching up and remembering.  We ate at the Hobbit Cafe.  Let's just say, I will be coming back to this place!  I had a curry chicken salad sandwich - sooo good!   And if you order anything with avocado, watch out!  You will probably get the whole avocado (or maybe two).  

I interviewed a new candidate for our Sales Team on Friday.  She was supposed to arrive at 9 am, but her flight was cancelled and she didn't get in until 3 pm!!  So, needless to say, I did not get to come home Friday night.  *sigh*.  But, on a good note, she is an excellent candidate and I really hope we can hire her.  I went to dinner with her (and some other co-workers) on Friday and she held her own pretty well.  

And then I got up early Saturday morning and drive home.  

SO GLAD to be home.  Each time I make the trip to Houston, it seems to get longer and longer.  I got home at 11:00 Saturday morning.  And then we started the odd jobs and errands that needed to get done: bank, oil change, grocery store, Blockbuster.  And a nap. :)  Saturday evening we attended Stake Conference, and it was indeed what I needed.  Elder Anderson of the Seventy spoke about families and love.  Just what I needed to hear.  :)  Sunday was also Stake Conference, another really great session, and then we were lazy most of the afternoon.  We watched a movie, played with the pups, and then finished our evening with the Olympic closing ceremonies.  I'm sad it's over.  But I know that Dan is not.  He was not a fan of the Olympics these past couple weeks.  

And the fun does not stop there.  (What?  Yes, I know this is a long post without pictures.  Check out the title.).  We've finally decided to take our house off the market, and try to rent it out to recover some of the expense.  Of course, that means we have to retrieve all our things from the house (in Utah).  Oh yes.  A road trip.  To take advantage of the holiday weekend, we're going to leave Wednesday night and make it a quick trip.  (Ok, good point, with 22 hours each way, it will not be a "quick" trip.  Let's call it an as-quick-as-possible trip.)  Two good things:  we'll be able to see Dan's family (although we will put them to work!), and we're going to stop by and see Becky & Jon in Ft. Collins on our way home.  

Wish us luck.


Jessica said...

Believe it or not, I'm actually looking forward to being put to work, it'll be the 2nd time in the week we moved. I just look forward to the break from Pocatello and seeing you guys.

Amyanne said...

WOW, Chrystal, what a schedule! I hope you have wings to fly as you drive that way too far of a distance to Utah and back:). Good luck!

Gifford Family said...

Sounds like you are go go go! I hope that your trip to Utah is fun, despite the moving!