Friday, August 1, 2008

Vacation part 2: St. Louis

Hello again!  This week has been a crazy busy one.  But here (finally) is Vacation: Part 2. We went to St. Louis!  Neither Dan or I had ever been there before (well, not counting the airport for a layover once).  Here are some highlights!

First, the Arch (of course!).  How can you go to St. Louis and not see the Arch?  We learned some really cool stuff, though. I had no idea that underneath this massive structure is a National Park!  Very interesting.

Here's Dan at the top of the Arch!  They put you in these little capsules to transport you to the top.  It feels like you're going to space or something. Very tiny and cramped, and no air conditioning.  But once you get the the top - WOW!  The views are just amazing.

The Mississippi River was still showing signs of the recent flooding.  The water had finally started to recede.  These poor little guys look like they are waving for help, don't they?

And of course we had to stop by the St. Louis temple.  Easy to see from the highway, but it did prove tricky finding a way to get there.  In the end, we finally did, and it is beautiful!

Stay tuned for part 3!

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