Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Feet Hate Me

That's what Dan said after a long, long day of moving. We all agreed.

We've been keeping busy at the new house. We got all the heavy stuff moved last weekend, and then Brad and Dan finished up some odds & ends on Monday before Dan had to head back to Dallas, and Brad back home to Idaho. We've run into a few small details that aren't hard to fix, just annoying. Like figuring out how to work the thermostat (finally downloaded the manual off the internet!), and changing the outlets from 2- to 3-prong. You'd be surprised at how many devices these days require 3-prong outlets!

There is still quite a bit left at the old house, but I am taking my time and moving about 1 Rodeo load full every night after work. Then we can do the bulk of it next weekend when Dan is here. Mostly I am just trying to get my clothes closet moved, and essentials like bathroom stuff.

I will post photos of the interior soon, but I'll leave you with this one I took today. I love, love how the dining room color turned out! Just like I pictured it in my head - haha! Not much for decor yet, but here you go. Can't have a blog post without a photo, anyway. :)

Oh and I can't forget... congratulations to my sister-in-law Heather and her husband Monroe... just found out they are expecting their first baby!


lyn said...

ohhhhh....i love it! you know how much i love blue dining rooms!!! great job! i can't wait to see more. maybe i need to make a trip down to h-town to see it in person.

Salina said...

I like how it's looking so far! Can't wait to see more! LOVE the mirror BTW!

prism said...

I'm digging your dining set... lovely!

Tessha said...

It's breathtaking. I love it. Enjoy. Wish I was there to play some games like the 'ole days. Miss you guys.