Monday, March 23, 2009

March Madness!

Hello and Happy 3rd week of March!  My week is off to an eventful beginning!!

Here is a scrapbook page I did for a challenge over at Jen Wilson Designs. Click for larger view.

And now, for Photos of the Day:

Friday, 3/20.  I drove to Dallas to help Dan pack up the apartment there.  Here's Bentley looking a little attention deprived.  (disclaimer:  these photos were taken with Dan's iphone, so they are not the best of quality.  I *gasp* forgot my camera!)

Saturday, 3/21.  We ate at Hank's, one of our favorite places in McKinney.  May be our last time for a while.

Sunday, 3/22.  We were driving along and came across this pink RAZR.  Dan just had to turn around so I could take  photo.

Monday, 3/23.  My car turned 100,000 miles today.  I was driving at the time, but when I could safely pull over, I snapped this with my Blackberry (again, pretty poor quality, but I had to capture the moment!)


Gifford Family said...

Looks like you could use some gas in your 100,000 mile car! Ha. (I always need gas!)

Chrystal said...

um... yes. :) I hate getting gas.