Sunday, March 8, 2009

Photo of the Day: Catchup!

Wow time has gotten away from me this past week. Here are some of my photos of the day:

Tuesday, March 3rd: I visited my Ear, Nose & Throat doctor and came home with $70 worth of prescriptions.

Wednesday, March 4th: My current favorite shoes. Sketchers!

Thursday, March 5th: Golden Tee with Dean & Pat. I almost won... came in 2 strokes behind Dean. At least I got 2nd place!!

Friday, March 6th: Bella. These "kong" chew toys are hollow. I found putting pieces of hot dog inside keeps the dogs busy for a while! I love how she hold it with her paws.

Look at that tongue!

Saturday, March 7th: Our first Texas chili cookoff.

and I made Dan take some new pictures of me for my profile photos. So far, I have only edited this one, but I think he did a great job! Thanks, Honey!


Jen said...

I love your shoes and that pic of you is BEAUTIFUL!!

Gifford Family said...

Your picture is beautiful! Dan did a great job. I love the hot dog picture! I will have to try that with my cat!

Kari said...

Love your new profile pic ... gorgeous!! I thought of you when I was in McKinney this weekend - even went to Mom and Popcorn TWICE!!! I will SO be ordering more online ;)