Monday, March 2, 2009

where does the time go?

Crazy busy these days. Here is the proof:

Thursday, Feb 26:  Bella likes to lay under the piano while I am practicing.  This time, she didn't run away when I got up, so I snapped a quick photo!

Friday, 2/27: Dan came home with treats - Sprinkles cupcakes, my FAVORITE!!  Red Velvet!

Saturday, 2/28:  We attempted to give Bella a haircut.  Here she is half way thru.  Not a pretty sight...

Sunday, 3/1.  March already!  We watched a movie after Stake Conference.  "Cube" - not recommended.

Monday, 3/2:  Back to "normal."  I have been wanting to organize the DVDs since we moved in.  When I originally unpacked them, I just randomly put them on the shelves, and it's been bugging me ever since. :)  OCD?  Maybe a little... now they are in proper alphabetical order.

Have a great week!


Gifford Family said...

You can come and organize mine next!!! I organize and my kids quickly UNorganize :)

lyn said...

i don't organize my dvds alphabetically because the kids are always in them, but i do have my spices in "abc order". it just makes it so much faster to get the one you're looking for.

Cheri said...

We used to have a schnauzer too (I still miss Max) and gave him haircuts at home. He hated being picked up onto the table but then was more or less resigned to the task...and they don't look good halfway through, lol. But he always looked so cute when we were done!