Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm a slacker *hangs head in shame*

I've been great about taking my photo-a-day, but I've been terrible about posting them.

Sunday, 3/8: dinner. turkey meatloaf, romano mashed potatoes, and corn. it tasted much better than it looks here.

Monday, 3/9: shopping. drastic times call for frugal measures. I've started couponing again. You may laugh until I tell you that tonight at Kroger, the register said $70.37 before I handed the cashier my saver's card and coupons. And what was my total, you ask? $18.73. No joke.

Tuesday, 3/10: my new favorite gum. Orbit Pomegranate.

Wednesday, 3/11: beautiful little flowers in the back yard. Good thing I took the photo when I did; we got 2.5" of rain this weekend and they are pretty much destroyed.

Thursday, 3/12: smart car on my way home from work. so cute.

Friday, 3/13: dinner at Red Lobster. good food. bad service.

Saturday, 3/14: I have my freezer back!

And yes, I know I am still 2 days behind. Patience. :)


Gifford Family said...

I too am a coupon"er". It takes a lot of time, but is SO worth it in the end!

DAN said...

More More!!

Amyanne said...

Way to go on the coupons--impressive!

Amy C. Quick said...

I did the same thing with coupons and card at albertson's and split my bill in half. The recession stinks, but we sure are learning how to do things a little differently.