Sunday, April 5, 2009

as the dust settles...

Well it has been quite a while since I have last posted.  My parents have been here visiting from Wisconsin, and we have been very busy.  They left Saturday morning, and we are exhausted! 

So here are my photos of the day beginning Saturday, 3/28.  We drove downtown to try out Crave, a new cupcake store.  I give them 4 out of 5 stars.  No Red Velvet. :(, but check out that cool milk bottle!

Sunday, 3/29.  Cooking dinner, Hawaiian Haystacks.  Yum!

Monday, 3/30.  Bentley (the "before" shot)

Tuesday, 3/31:  Bentley, the "after" shot.  Both he and Bella went to the groomer and came back looking (and smelling) much better!

Wednesday, April 1st.  We went with Mom and Bruce to Taste of Texas.  Delicious steaks.  (tasted much better than my photo!)

Thursday, 4/2:  We went antique shopping in old town Spring, Tx, and came across this cool birdhouse!

Friday, 4/3: Family Photo Op.  And a chance to brush up on my remote photography skills.

Saturday, 4/4:  blast from the past.  This is our engagement photo.  I was working on a scrapbook page and this photo just called to me.  It was taken in 2003 by my good friend Jaime.

Sunday, 4/5:  look at the size of this strawberry!  We got them at Costco, and they are ohhh, so good!

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Amy C. Quick said...

Love the birdhouse...