Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's next?

Well the last couple of days have been eventful, if not quite enjoyable.  

As you know, we have been getting a LOT of rain lately.  A lot.  Seriously.  Rain.  


So Tuesday I woke up to a flood in the sunroom.  It had receded a bit, but from the water line, I estimate we had about 3 inches of standing water in there at one point.  In addition, it was still raining and the front and back yards were the worst I have seen yet.  I could not see the driveway for the water!  Needless to say, I was late to work.  At one point, I made it out of my driveway and about 4 blocks toward the highway when I had to turn back because of the high water on the road.  But eventually, I did make it to work.

When I got home from work,  I had a mess to deal with.  We had been using the sunroom to store some empty boxes, and of course they were wet.  Well, the bottom layer, anyway.  I had to move the dry boxes to the garage and throw out the wet ones.  Then I mopped up the standing water best I could, and turned on the ceiling fan to facilitate the drying process. *sigh*

If that were not enough, I woke up this morning an hour after my alarm should have gone off.  We apparently lost power sometime early in the morning.  It was very dark without any lights!  That is why my photo of the day is this light - because I am so grateful for power!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring...


prism said...

Wow. That *is* a lot of rain. Sorry about that.

Amyanne said...

I had been wondering you how guys were faring the rain. My brother sent a picture of some pretty serious flooding and I hoped you were spared. I'm glad it wasn't worse. Rain, rain, go away!