Tuesday, April 14, 2009

where was I again?

OK, we are in for a looooonnnng, photo-heavy, post tonight.

It's been crazy the past .. oh... week.

Photo-of-the-day for 4/6 comes with a question.

Which of the following did I get for FREE on my shopping trip today?
a. 2 bottles of VitaminWater10
b. 1 Chapstick Naturals lip balm
c. 4 packs of Mentos Gum

the answer is d. all of the above!!

On Tuesday, 4/7, I started packing for our Easter trip to Idaho.

On Wednesday, 4/8, my Check Engine Light came on. After a few frantic calls to the dealership and a stop at AutoZone, I checked my gas cap. It appeared tight, and the light stayed on. We disconnected the battery to reset the light. It still came on. Hmm. We left for Idaho, and when we came back, the light is off. So I guess it was nothing. At least I hope it was nothing.

Thursday, 4/9: this is what $400,000 worth of equipment looks like!

Friday, 4/10. We flew to Salt Lake and went to the 8th Annual International Art Competition: Remembering the Things of God. My friend Amy had a piece on display (shown here under the baby). Yeah, Amy!

Saturday, 4/11: drove to Idaho and took some Hollingsworth family photos (note new baby Tucker front and center!). Not bad for tripod and remote, huh?

On Sunday, 4/12, Little Tucker and Uncle Dan after the blessing.

Monday, 4/13, we flew home. This is a photo of the Salt Lake Valley from our airplane window.

And today, Tuesday 4/14, it was back to work. When I got home, I received this package from Houseparty. Yippee!

The End. (for now)


prism said...

Chrystal - I'm so glad you got to see the exhibit and the painting in person. I feel truly blessed to have the support of such great friends and family.

Salina said...

Sounds like a fun and FAST trip! So you are having success with your coupons huh? Good for you! I can't even remember one, let alone a bunch of them!

Love the picture of Dan with Tucker!

Amyanne said...

That's so neat you guys were able to go and Dan was able to bless his nephew. It makes for a special Easter, huh?