Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Fun. And more rain.

On Thursday, I met my good friend Jessica and her mom to chat, shop, and eat dinner. I met Jessica when I lived in Portland (actually, she was Dan's friend!). Now she lives in Provo, Utah, and we live here in Texas, but since her parents live here too, we get to catch up every time she comes to town. I had a GREAT time! It made me realize that I have no girlfriends here in Houston and I really needed a girl's night out! Here we are, post shopping and dinner.

Friday it rained again. Here is Bentley, all wet.

On Saturday morning, I drove to Dallas, where I met Dan and Lyn & Ryan for Ryan's birthday dinner at Benihana. Dan is staying with Lyn and Ryan (and their three boys and two pugs) while he searches for a job in Houston. In short, they are another little miracle in our lives. Thank you guys!

We had a great time with them this weekend. It was quite a full house since I brought Bella & Bentley, too! The puppies came home exhausted after the fun!

Sunday morning, breakfast of champions:

And here it is Monday and it's RAINING again. BIG thunderstorm tonight. More flooding, etc. Bella and Bentley will not go outside (even though I KNOW they need to!) since it is raining so hard. Here is a fuzzy photo of Bentley looking outside at all the water.

Have a great day!!


Amyanne said...

You and Jessica both look so great! How fun that you are able to get together still--wish I could have been there! I miss our dinner/shopping get togethers.

lyn said...

thanks for the edit!

Chrystal said...

edit? what edit? :)