Thursday, April 16, 2009

Family Photos!!

While we were in Idaho, I took some family photos.  Everyone has been asking for a preview, so here we go!  I hope you like them (I am certainly no professional!).

I call this one "Proud Grandma". :)

Monroe and Heather

Marsh, Emily, and baby Tucker

David and Jessica

Dan and Chrystal (courtesy of Chris!)

Brad and Deb

The whole clan.

That's all, folks.  After all, it's just a "preview"!  


Jessica said...

The pictures look excellent, you missed an edit though. It's on mine and Dave's photo, you forgot to put a better body on me. :)

Salina said...

The pictures look great! Love the group shot! And Especially Tucker who's had enough! Great job!

lyn said...

awesome pics!!!