Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Work

Going back to work after a few days off is never fun, and with the holiday (and several short weeks!), it's even harder.  Today for me was pretty blah.  I couldn't do much at work because they were still reconciling inventory, so we couldn't even be on the computer system (wouldn't want us to mess things up!).

As you've probably noticed, I changed a few things on the blog.  It's still a work in progress, but I think I'm done for tonight.  

I'm already wondering what to take photos of every day.  Do you think that's a bad sign?  I guess we should face it - most of my photos this year will probably be dog or car related. :)  Here's my sweet Bentley wondering why I am following him around with the camera.


Salina said...

Love the new look! And don't worry about your pictures, they depict your life-right now! I LOVE Bentley's expressive!

Emily said...

Ok, so I am loving your photo of the day! That is such a good idea, and I bet it really helps get some creative pictures. I just got a nice camera for Christmas, but am just starting to learn how to use it. If you have any ideas, pass them on.

PS How did the move go? I need to get your new address.

Salina said...

The lens is a Sigma 18-50 F/2.8 macro! I LOVE it! Now I've gotta get a filter for it. I'm nervous using it without it.

Gifford Family said...

I love his look, he does look very perplexed! Priceless. I love your new blog look. I went back to work Monday also, I am so not loving it! :(

kikimama said...

Too cute! Love his expression.