Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Everyday Life

These Project 365 photos are supposed to capture "everyday life," which for me means the office.  Today we got a new phone system - which included an "upgrade" to a new phone.  I'm not convinced that these are any different than the old ones.  For one thing, we were without phone, internet, or fax for most of the day!  On my way out this afternoon, I got a kick out of the "phone graveyard" in the hallway.  Good thing I had my trusty point-and-shoot in my purse!  These are the old phones.

And here are the shiny new ones.  Now, if only I could learn how to set up my voicemail.... :)

And, if anyone cares, Jen Wilson has come out with her new 2009 line of digital scrapbooking supplies.  There's a chat on her website at 10:00 est to launch the new goodies!


Gifford Family said...

They are the exact same phones that I use at good old Odyssey Elementary School! Imagine that!

Alee and Brandon said...

Ohhhh...I'll have to check out the new goodies :)

Are you doing a photography 365, or a digiscrap 365, or both? They always look like fun!