Thursday, January 8, 2009

Book club

Today was grueling!  A morning filled with unhappy customers (because they couldn't reach us all day yesterday due to the changing of the phones - I couldn't really blame them!), and an afternoon of sales meeetings!  Yuck!

But there are (at least) two upsides.

First, and foremost!, tomorrow is Friday and that means that Dan is coming back to Houston!  I cannot wait to see him; it has been a long week.

And second, tonight is Book Club Night.  A new book club here in Houston, and I hope it's as good as the one in McKinney!  We will be discussing:

Which I didn't personally care for, but we can't like them all, right?

Have a great Thursday night!

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Jena said...

Chrystal-did you use to live in McKinney?? I go to church in McKinney-we live in Prosper!