Monday, January 19, 2009

catching up.

We left Thursday night and drove to Austin.  Overall, it was a great weekend - new friends, good food, and lots of driving.  Lots of driving.

Let me catch you up on my photos-of-the-day.

Thursday, driving to Austin.  We went up 290 and caught some traffic coming out of Houston, but overall, not too bad.  Took us just about 2.5 hours.

Friday: Day 1 of the drive.  We met at The Oasis restaurant on Lake Travis.  Beautiful!   After a quick lunch, we headed out.  John (the self-proclaimed "Tourmaster") handed out new maps at each stop.  Here's the first one.

After 150+ miles the first day, we arrived at the Eagle's Nest Observatory, where we spent the night in little rustic cabins.  After this trip, it is safe to say that I am not a fan of "rustic."  

Day 2, Saturday.  More driving.  Twisty and curvy and high speed driving.

The best part of the day may have been these Wiseman House truffles.  Oh, so good!

Day 3: Sunday, January 18th.
Need I say it?  More driving. :)
While stopped, I snapped this beauty.  Possibly my favorite shot of the weekend.  We had gorgeous weather!

We finished the weekend at the DriveWay Speedway, where the drivers got to test their skills (at relatively low speeds) on a practice track.  Then we headed back to Houston.

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