Monday, January 19, 2009

monday. again.

Hello again!  

It's Monday and that meant back to work for me.  Dan had the day off, so he went to pick up the puppies (who came back VERY tired from the Houston Dog Ranch!), washed the car, and unpacked from the trip.

And what for me to do?  LAUNDRY.   Why does it seem like there is so much more laundry after being away for a few days?


Anonymous said...

Your doggies are so spoiled. Our two mutts are on our blog so come take a look. Casey had to have huge dogs and so we got two big ones. But they have some good traits too. Except when they have muddy feet all over my floor. Hope all is good down in Texas.

Gifford Family said...

I always seem to have more laundry after a weekend(and I didn't even go on a vacation!) Looks like your vacation was a fun one. Love the pictures!