Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Look at this!  Three posts in a row!  Good start to 2009, if I say so myself.

Today was gorgeous - 83 degrees and sunny with a warm breeze.  Just about perfect.  Dan and I slept in (after a 5:30 wake up call from Bella & Bentley, I put them in the other room and went back to bed!) and then went to run some errands.  Yesterday, Dan surprised me and bought me new cookware.  It's a long story, but somewhere in the move from Salt Lake to Dallas to Houston, I seem to have lost almost all the pieces to the red Kitchen Aid set (which coincidentally Dan got me on our very first married Valentine's Day).  Dan teases me that I "misplaced" them so that I would have an excuse to buy a new set, but the truth is, I liked that set a lot!  So anyway, since the new set is hard anodized aluminum, I can't use metal utensils anymore.  That gave me an excuse to buy new ones! We searched high and low for the "perfect" silicone utensils, and after going to Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, Williams Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, and back to (a second) Bed, Bath and Beyond, I decided that I really wanted the ones at Williams Sonoma.  *sigh* so back we went.  Poor Dan was about tired of shopping for kitchen utensils at this point. :)  I tried to find a photo on their website, but no luck.  They have silver metal handles and red silicone functional ends (spoon, slotted spoon, tongs, etc.).  So that was our little adventure.

When we got home this afternoon, we went out to the backyard and played "fetch" with the puppies.  I use the term "fetch" loosely because while Bentley enjoys running after the ball, he doesn't really understand the bringing it back part.  So it goes a little like this:  I throw the ball across the yard, Bentley runs after it.  Bentley picks up the ball in his mouth, promptly drops it, and runs away.  I then walk to the ball and repeat the process.  Or sometimes Dan and I play catch and Bentley runs back and forth hoping one of us will drop the ball.  Bella, in the meantime, prefers it sit and watch.  Smart dog.  And this photo seemed fitting for Day 3:

This is pretty typical, since they never seem to be looking at me when I snap a picture anyway. :)


Gifford Family said...

I wish it were in the 80's here! It is supposed to get down to 5 degrees tonight and only up to 17 Sunday~ Nice :) Enjoy your beautiful weather and your new cooking utensils!

Kari said...

Congrats on your new cookware ... I always love getting new goodies like that ;) Love that you are jumping into Project 365!! My PAD in December just about killed me with all of the late night blogging but I have still been taking pictures every day and am thinking a LO per week to post all photos may be the way to go for me - trying not to "overcommit" myself!! In answer to your question, the stamp set I used is the Complete Classic Date Stamps from Peppermint Creative. Hopefully the link I just tried to create will work!

lyn said...

love the shot of the puppies!

Jena said...

Ooooh-new cookware sounds good-we are in desperate need of some! I love the picture of your pups-so crisp and vibrant!

kikimama said...

Cute dogs, love the sound of the new cookware too!